Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Game trailer 2017 - RUiN Gameplay Trailer - Kickstarter Special - Steam game play


RUiN - Top-Down Arena Brawler

RUiN is a Top-Down Arcade Style Arena Brawler where you select your own set of abilities and battle it out on deadly arenas.

Platform: PC (Steam)
Online-Multiplayer PvP 
Battle it out against your friends in a Top-Down Arcade-Style Arena Brawler like you’ve never seen it before. Build the ultimate, over the top character from a ridiculous amount of abilities and outfits and get ready to bring glory to your tribe as you slay your enemies, provided the arena doesn’t kill them first.

Originally inspired by the Warcraft III mod Warlock, we have set out to make an arcade-style arena game that captures the raw joy and hilarity created from fast-paced, chaotic core gameplay mechanics and the rewarding feeling of mastering said mechanics as you learn to outmaneuver your opponents and laugh as they fall victim to your mind games.

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